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Recurring Income

Someone is earning revenue on every monthly mortgage payment your Clients make. The entity earning that revenue is the company servicing those mortgages and their monthly payments.

But not at Loan Simple.

At Loan Simple, YOU get paid when your Clients make their monthly mortgage payments.

Use this calculator to see where you would be in 10 years with Loan Simple.

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If you were working at Loan Simple you would make more over the next ten years. Additionally, you would be generating a recurring source of income that was free from the ups and downs of the mortgage industry.

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Why? Many people wonder why we pass servicing revenue back to the Loan Officers and for us, it’s quite simple.

It’s better for our Clients.

The volatile nature of the mortgage industry is challenging for mortgage professionals. Many really good agents are forced to find a different industry with a consistent salary. Our Clients end up losing out when our best agents choose a different field.

Additionally, with Loan Simple servicing the loans our Agents take much better care of their Clients because they know these are Clients they will continue to have a relationship with year after year.

Great Agents make for great Client experiences.

By giving back and creating a consistent, and growing, stream of revenue we are able to keep our best Agents flourishing at Loan Simple.

That makes our Clients happy.