Pre-Closing Disclosure & Document Request

 Last For Digits of Loan #:   Borrower last Name:


Closing Fees and Details: 

Comp Type  

Origination And Rate Dependent Charges (Block 1 and 2 Fees)

 Fee Description $ Amount Paid ByPaid to POC?Rules
LPC  LSIBroker Only on Lender Paid Comp Loans
LPC Amt Min/Max LSIBroker Only on Lender Paid Comp Loans
Lender Credit to borrower: % LSIBorrower Only on over par Locks
BPC  BorrowerBroker  
Discount Fee to LSI  BorrowerLSI  
LSI UW fee  BorrowerLSI  
Processing fee: % BorrowerBroker  



 Service Provider Fees   Transaction Specific Invoices Required


 Fee Description $ Amount Paid ByPaid to POC?Additional Info
Credit Report Fee Vendor   Borrower 
Appraisal Fee Vendor   Borrower 
Misc   Borrower 
Misc   Borrower 
Misc   Borrower 


Mortgage Insurance Information

MI Company MI Type Percent/ Amount 


 Additional Info   


Closing Details


 Anticipated Closing Date  Escrow Waiver
 Interest Credit (Available up to the 5th of the next  month.) Power of Attorney (Approval required prior to closing.


Please note, a closer will contact you if they have any questions.