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Our Story

It's a family affair for over twenty years at Loan Simple.

A few words from our growing family

Our community is filled with some amazing individuals who are on their way to accomplishing their goal of making home a reality.

The Chaitoffs

Madrid, Iowa

With three kids and another one on the way, we needed a much larger home and we already love it! Thank you for holding our hands and leading us through the crazy process. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!


Keith & Elliana

Denver, Colorado

Between soccer, school and work, I didn't have a lot of time. Loan Simple made it work though. The process was easy, quick, and I was able to finance the home of my dreams. And all before the school year started.


Mike & Kristelle

San Jose, California

We kept putting off getting a home because the idea was overwhelming. We really didn't know if we could even qualify for a loan. Loan Simple made it SO easy that we now tell everyone not to hesitate.